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In an ever-changing cyber landscape, our aim is to support the delivery of technical safety and security across the global maritime sector, which is resilient to cyber-attack. We offer a wide range of dynamic and bespoke cyber security services customisable to meet your precise needs.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Taking the first step to assess your cyber risk. Maritime industry specific and customisable to your needs, we offer bespoke cyber security health-checks through to comprehensive audits and reviews.

Consultancy & Support

Utilising the findings from your cyber risk assessment, we offer specialist consultancy and support to help you implement the right solutions to minimise your cyber risk.

Cyber Security Training

People are the biggest risk to cybersecurity but equally the greatest asset when provided with the relevant skills and knowledge. We offer specialist NCSC accredited Cyber Risk Awareness training for both onboard crew and shoreside staff.

Incident Management

Cyber-attacks are inevitable. Aimed at helping you limit the impact of a cyber-attack, our response services including incident management, expert technical investigation and digital forensic recovery.

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Cyber Risk Assessment

Understanding your cyber risk is vital

Whether you are considering general onboard cybersecurity or need to comply with regulations such as GDPR or Cyber Risk Management as part of the ISM code, a cyber risk assessment is the vital first step in identifying your current cyber risk. Following industry best practice including the IMO directive and guidelines, we have developed a cyber risk assessment framework specific to the maritime sector. Our approach is scalable and flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual vessel through to the cyber challenges surrounding shoreside support and management services.
Cybersecurity: A culture of awareness

Empowering people to reduce cyber risk

Many cyber-attacks are not that sophisticated and could be avoided by improving staff understanding. Cyber risk awareness is a key feature of cybersecurity and a best practice approach of cyber risk management when complying with regulations such as the ISM code and data security under GDPR. MCS is one of the first specialist maritime cybersecurity providers to offer NCSC accredited Maritime Cyber Risk Awareness training courses.
New Build and Refit Projects

Minimising cyber risk
by design

Introducing cybersecurity by design at the point of a vessel new build, refit or more challengingly reverse-engineered later in a live environment, provides owners and management teams with the greatest opportunity to maximise cybersecurity and reduce cyber risk. MCS offers hands-on technical project consultancy for both new builds and refits to ensure both the physical implementation of technology is robust and in turn configured in the most secure way possible while retaining the right level of usability.
Investigating cyber-attack

Cyber incident investigation

Critical to minimising the risk of any further attacks is the need to identify the likely target of an attack, attempt to recover lost assets and identify potential offenders (external or onboard); we provide specialist cyber investigation and digital forensic services to identify the individuals or assets compromised or involved, the technical processes exploited, through to the recovery of often concealed complex technical evidence.
Maritime Cyber Risk Management

The clock is ticking. Are you ready for the introduction of Cyber Risk Management under the changes to the ISM Code?

Under IMO Resolution MSC.428(98), cyber risk management should be appropriately addressed in existing safety management systems (ISM Code) no later than the first annual verification of the Document of Compliance after 1st January 2021.
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